In 2021, OCEANIC ASSISTANCE acquires trimaran MERIDA, former BRIGITTE BARDOT. This 35 meter-long ship, with a unique history, has proven itself all over the oceans. First designed and built for a round-the-world record, she was later operated by the NGO Sea Shepherd.
Today based in Lorient, she is the ideal tool for many missions. Her maximum speed of 25 knots allows us to reach the area quickly and its range enables to cross the oceans.

MERIDA technical sheet : Download PDF

Oceanic Assistance is available 7 days a week to help with any emergency at sea.
We organise and implement the rescue mission in its entirely, to locate and salvage your vessel in distress.

Our services

Salvaging drifting boats
Offshore assistance
Location of hazards to navigation, laying of locator beacons
Coastal help
Recovery of grounded vessels,  refloating of submerged vessels, towing
Monitoring of vessels in distress
Drifting prediction, weather routing
Recovery of drifting or sunk items (buoys, weather buoys, nets, parts of vessel etc)
Expertise and advice
Weather routing, pragmatic risk analysis, technical advice
Our capabilities and tools of intervention

Merida ship and/or rapid chartering of appropriate vessels for the mission : tug, sailing boat, RIB
Chartering of search planes and drones
Specialized equipment
For towing, refloating, underwater operations.
For location and recovery (beacons, assessment of stability/structure/drift)

Our customers

Shipowners (Commercial, pleasure boating, offshore racing, fishing)
Insurance companies and assessors
Captains and skippers
State departments
Organisers of nautical events
A winning strategy

Resolve a maritime problem with no obvious solution
Protect  the interests of owners and their insurers
Keep the risks and damages to a minimum
Protect the environment
Pragmatism and adaptability of the crew
Capabilities are adapted, budget is under control
We are both the players in the field and your spokesman
Our client’s objective is ours, to succeed without  giving up


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